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The Silence of Severance by Wes Markin

5 Stars

A real page-turner

I expected nothing less than a wonderfully, intriguing story by Markin, and I was definitely not disappointed. Markin pens a suspenseful page-turner, while he, once again, brings Yorke to life again. I've read Markin's other books in this series, and though it's not necessary to read them to understand and enjoy this book, I recommend it. This reader fell in love with Yorke from the first book, and I was excited to read this one as well. This is book three, and Yorke is more intense and gripping as ever before. First, I am hooked on how Markin shows a story, and brings Yorke to life. The story itself is unpredictable, filled with shocking twists. I like that the story is raw and gritty, and very suspenseful. A definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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