The Soprano, The Monster and The Dragonslayer by Vashti Stopher Klein

4 Stars

Wonderful collection of poetry and music!

This collection of poetry and innovative thinking by Vashti Stopher Klein, is a wonderful work of words. The words almost float across the page. I enjoyed reading this collection, and entering the mind of this prolific poet. Such a wonderful read. My favorite was The End of Forever which starts with "When the sun shines in my window I awake and think of you and wonder if you’re dreaming or thinking of me too. Or if you’ve gone forever ..." , though I enjoyed reading them all. The poetry is as lyrical as the songs, and they emote feelings that sometimes are unsaid, and buried inside one's self. I look forward to reading more by this poet. The Soprano, The Monster and The Dragonslayer is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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