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The Wheels of Justice by Renee Fehr & Brian Whitney

5 Stars

Sometimes Justice is extremely slow!

I love a good true crime story, and I have read many. This one was something I would not forget. I don't think ever. First, the story itself was heartbreaking, emotional and shows Fehr's determination. It was written as if the events were playing out in front of me. I always knew that justice didn't always prevail, and that the justice system may be blind, but it is also slow, but 27? Wow. I hung on every single word, and many times just shook my head in disbelief. I was a victim of domestic violence, and it was only made public because I had to fight with the justice system, just not as long as Renee. The thing about Sheryl's husband, Greg, was that he didn't care who saw what he did, but it was worse behind closed doors. Renee writes, "During the process of Sheryl leaving Greg, I felt enormous stress. Every day, Sheryl called and reported to me events and her accomplishments. She slowly started to reveal to me all the horrible things he was doing to her. I gasped silently when I heard the abuse described but tried to remain calm and unemotional so I could be the best help and support to her possible." An extremely moving, and tear-flowing, un-put-downable story until the end. The Wheels of Justice is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. True crime at its lengthy fight!


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