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Verses Versus Empire: I - The Bush Era by Abdiel Leroy

5 Stars

Wonderful prose

I am a very big fan of the prolific works of Leroy, and am honored to read any of his prose. First, I like the way he tells a story, his prose of words dances around the page, so lyrically that a story emerges. This Verses Versus Empire is in regards to President Bush era, and funny enough, I read book III first. So, I had an idea of what this may entail, but I really had no idea where his words would take me. First, I recommend reading this book from title to end, as every thing that Leroy puts on paper should be written (and when it goes on audiobook, I will definitely listen). It's not just about Bush, but his era, the history, the events that may not be remembered by all. The most heart-wrenching was the "Olympus Shook" in relation to 9/11/2001 and then "Doomsday" regarding to the aftermath ... and he writes "A city's become a death-ditch

Worse than Dante ever conceived. Through plastered soot, the tears are streaming. From kin and kind bereaved." Indeed memorable and powerful prose.

#5Stars #Leroy

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