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Verses Versus Empire: II – The Obama Era by Abdiel Leroy

5 Stars

Another collection of epic proportions

I've read pretty much all of Leroy's work, and this one, book II of the Versus Versus Empire collection, I read out of order, but it doesn't matter. Leroy definitely has skills and talents to write as he does. His words paint a remarkable picture of The Obama Era, and his thoughts flow like the poetry it is. As one who remembers important events during this era of Obama's Presidency, read each word of every line, and then, I stopped. Just for a moment and stared at the title of the next one, "Binned Laden." I read those words, repeatedly for several moments, and it took me back. The ideas and thoughts that Leroy shares with his interpretation of the presidents (there are two other volumes), is impeccably insightful. Leroy is indeed a prolific poet. "Jubilant crowds greeted the tidings that Obama had Osama killed abroad, then forthwith hied he to Ground Zero's site to lay a wreath and reap his rank reward."


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