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Verses Versus Empire: III — The Trump Era by Abdiel Leroy

5 Stars

Refreshing and magnetic

Leroy is a prolific poet that pens words poetically and melodically, and I love reading his work. His Verses Versus Empire shares his unique perspective on politics, and in this volume, his focus in on Trump. Politics is an especially controversial topic, especially these days, when words can be the friend or enemy of the politician. I enjoyed reading this book, and it gives a genius view and perspective of this "era." It doesn't matter what a reader's view on politics are, who side (if any) one is on when reading this. This is a whole new insight into the effects and effect of 45. The sonnets are magnificently put together, and tell a story of its own. One of my favorites was entitled "Clumped." "Betwixt Hard Place and Little Rock, Devil and the deep blue sea. The American People are called to vote ..." Deeply, thought-provoking, with that touch of humor and humanity.

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