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Voyage to the Heart: The Nature of Love by Cameron Macdonald

4 Stars


Macdonald pens a deep, insightful depth of into "Love" with the title, Voyage to the Heart: The Nature of Love. This title tells about different types of love, from romantic love, to self-love, to friendships love, but there is much more. The author spent a lot of time and research in creating this voyage to the heart, and it shows. Macdonald brings his own experience and thoughts, but also other references and samples of love. I like that he asks the question "What is Love?" and without giving one answer, because there is no simple answer, shows what people may perceive it to be. I enjoyed reading this work, not only because this author writes well, but because this book was put together well, in a great way for the reader to go exploring along with the author. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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