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WATCH ME DIE: Last Words From Death Row by Bill Kimberlin

5 Stars

What a way to get the "Inside" track!

Bill Kimberlin, Psy.D, writes about "life" behind the walls of death row in WATCH ME DIE: Last Words From Death Row. I haven't read work from this author before, and this book really intrigued me. Kimberlin not only talked to the death row inmates, in Ohio, but sat down to eat with them, interviewed them, and even were some of the inmates last person to talk with the inmate before their death. It's not just about the inmates, themselves, but about the truths of being on death row, and knowing imminent fate, not just death, but when, where and how. This book was written very well. This is an updated version of the first book, and this one gives more details as to which inmates are still awaiting their fate, and even some of them, have asked Kimberlin to be there when they die. It was detailed and terrifying, at the same time, it was intriguing to get to know these men who committed horrific crimes that put them on death row in the first place. When all hope (or appeals) are lost, they count the days, some with regret, and some with no affect.

"The warden asks for a final statement before the process begins. With a single motion of buttoning his suit jacket, the warden just invited death in. Death is hovering in the death chamber, and so many things are going through my mind ... I wonder what everyone else is thinking right now. Most of all, I wonder what the condemned man strapped to the deathbed by six straps is thinking. You see, I am just a witness to the execution. I am just one of a group sitting a couple of feet away watching this life being taken. He is experiencing it! What does it feel like? Does it hurt? What happens when it’s all over?" Very powerful true stories behind death row, and Kimberlin tells it with respect, compassion, and honesty emotions. WATCH ME DIE: Last Words From Death Row is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author.


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