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Water Whispers by Kaitlynzq

5 Stars


This audio poem by Kaitlynzq is a remarkable work of words. I love how Kaitlynzq uses her soft, soothing voice to express her beautiful words in Water Whispers. I am a big fan of her audio poems, and this one is one of her best, and I give most of her work 5 stars. "a sonic sound installation, whispers a heart's emotions as water's mist like the song in wind's chimes, weaves and caresses, honey flavored moon, as a cinnamon wood glow spread ..." Each line, each word tells a story of emotion, of a heart's tale, which brings the listener into the heart of the poet. As long as she breathes her graceful words and songs of her heart, I will be there to listen, and cherish. This audio poem is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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