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Will Mayo - Bone Talking

5 Stars

The first thing I fell in love with ... was the table of contents!

This collection of poetry and innovative thinking by Will Mayo is a magnificent work of words. Mayo is one of my favorite innovative thinkers, and the ideas that come out of his head and spread across the page, are just simply interesting, intriguing, and they sometimes cause pause for critical thinking. I slowly scrolled through table of contents, admiring the titles, and getting prepared for greatness. Yes, I know it sounds like I hold Will Mayo's thinking up on a pedestal, but really it's about not knowing what to expect, but also to expect the unexpected. A line of Mayo's resonated with me, "I return to this matter of words and see new worlds born from my pen." I read through every word of every title, and I looked forward to reading the Bone Talking, which was the thoughts within the title, and how that came about, even if he doesn't say it, it makes its impression. One of my favorites, among many, was "Alone with Death" as I saw the words he wrote, and I realized, I felt the same. Mayo inspires me, and every word he writes, makes me ponder, and just say "wow." Bone Talking is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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