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William J. Craig- All Along the Watchtower: Murder at Fort Devens

Genre: True Crime/Murder

3 Stars

Interestingly written True Crime Tale

Craig writes about the Murder at Fort Devens in All Along the Watchtower: Murder at Fort Devens. I am a fan of true crime stories. This is the first book written by this author that I've read. The story of Elaine Tyree, a soldier at Fort Devens and how her husband hired another Green Beret, to kill her. This book was written very well. It's a good book, and it tells the story of a murdered woman. There are many different views and perspectives, and some parts were told in a transcript fashion. It didn't feel like it all came together as far as telling the story. It was an interesting read for a case that I had heard about before now. I do know there was a 1998 Documentary made based on this case. All Along the Watchtower: Murder at Fort Devens is a recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I read this book to give my unbiased and honest review. I look forward to reading many more titles by this author. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews recommends that anyone who reads this book, to also write a review.


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