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Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is always truly honored to read an author's book, especially for authors who are just publishing their first book. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews wants to make sure that all authors know how important reviews are, especially honest and unbiased reviews. Every "thank you" from an author after I've emailed them that their review was posted, fills my heart. 


Overall Satisfaction: 5-Stars

"Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has been amazing to work with. She leaves honest, thoughtful, and engaging reviews. I 100% recommend!" - Jacob Paul Patchen

Overall Satisfaction: 5-Stars

"Offering a wealth of insight on independent works across the spectrum, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is a phenomenal source for readers and authors worldwide. Highly recommended." - Tommy B. Smith

Overall Satisfaction: 5-Stars

"Amy has provided high-quality professional reviews of several of my books. She is also a joy to work with. Highly Recommended." Donald Firesmith

Overall Satisfaction: 5-Stars

"Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has provided invaluable services to a broad spectrum of authors and many diverse book titles. It has been a real pleasure working with her over several years. I highly recommend her services, for she is a major voice in the book review arena for independent authors." - Kmtreview49$

Overall Satisfaction: 5-Stars

"Amy's Bookshelf is a fabulous resource for finding awesome books. Amy reads, reviews and posts information on a plethora of books from a variety of categories. With so many books available, I am honored that she had time to read, and review my latest novel. Thank you Amy!"- Eve Gaal

Overall Satisfaction: 4-Stars

"Amy gets through a great amount of material and is always thorough and comprehensive in her work."


Overall Satisfaction: 5-Stars

"Amy writes thoughtful reviews that speak to real readers, providing insight, helpful information, and honest impressions. She's easy to work with. Highly recommended for indie authors seeking high-visibility reviews."


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