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  • Amy Shannon

Showcase: Kyra Robinov

Sherry Ostroff nominated Kyra Robinov as an Indie Author who deserves appreciation and acknowledgement of her work. I am pleased to present this author a showcase blog post.

Author Bio:

Kyra Robinov is a Manhattan based writer who works in several genres. Robinov is a Producer, Author, and Lyricist. Robinov is the librettist/lyricist of TO DANCE, a musical inspired by the struggle of Russian Jewish ballet dancer Valery Panov to survive the oppression of the KGB. The show is set during the cold war years and is a tale of passion and persecution, love and betrayal.

Robinov has written several children’s books — all in rhyme and with fanciful illustrations.


RED WINTER, an historical novel based on the true story of her family, is set in 1920 in far eastern Siberia. It tells the story of Luba whose life is upended when Bolshevik revolutionaries infiltrate her town, arrest her husband, and take over her home. Seeking refuge in pigsties, warehouses and opium dens, Luba and her four young children try to stay alive until the river melts and help arrives from afar.

Currently, Robinov is at work on THE URGE TO ROME, a memoir chronicling the year she and her family spent living in Rome. The book is about Robinov’s attempt to change her life by changing her address: "A year in a foreign country sounded like the perfect antidote. David was leaning toward Rome and, though Paris was my city of choice, I could picture strolling along the Tevere, dining al fresco, sipping espresso and dressing and spouting Italiano alla Sophia Loren. A leisurely life away from it all. An illusion? Perhaps. But what’s wrong with dreaming?”

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