Author Amy Shannon

Author Amy Shannon


     This is what I lovingly refer to as my writer's blog. I am Amy Shannon. I was a writer, published

author, published poet, book reviewer, and storyteller. Yes, I am still a storyteller. I am still a book Reviewer, "Amy's Bookshelf Reviews" and I not only participate in book blog tours, but I have opened my own business with my partner, Genesis Book Promotions & Blog Tours. 

     I was recently diagnosed with Essential Tremor disorder which affects my hands as well as legs and torso, but it prevents me from writing or typing, so I am working on other ways to tell my stories.  My last published book will be released on January 1 2022.

      I thoroughly and wholeheartedly support Indie Authors, new and experienced. I have several services on this blog that help Indie Authors with editing (and that's just the beginning).  I am co-host of a Podcast The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon airs  every Friday at 6:30 PM EDT on BlogTalk Radio. Feel free to check it out and maybe even become a guest or even an expert on our show.

     Organizations, companies, businesses, authors and anyone within the literary world as a career, can advertise with a single business card, placed on the "Business Bulletin Board" for a one time fee of $50. 

Blog Tour Participation. I do participate in blog tours when my schedule allows. Here are the 2021 dates with authors and titles. (The corresponding review of the book runs on the same date on  Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

  • Chris Karlsen's The Ack Ack Girl 7/28, 7/30

  • Carly Rheilan's BirthRights August 15 

  • Shawna Barnett's Windfall August 19

  • ​Lee Allen Howard's Death Perception September 20 

  • Tobin Marks' The Ark of the Apocalypse October 10

  • Mark Richardson's Hunt for the Troll October 25 

  • Tom Vader's The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu November 01 

  • Pete Adams' Dead No More December 06

Amy Shannon

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