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Blog Tour Participation. I do participate in blog tours when my schedule allows. (Sometimes the corresponding review of the book runs on the same date on  Amy's Bookshelf Reviews). The blog posts will now run at 8 AM on the date of the tour. (If two blog posts are scheduled for the same day, the second one will run at 8:00 AM).


I gladly participate in blog tours run by the following companies: 


  • Eliot Parker's A Final Call April 25 Monday


  • Arthur Herbert - The Bones of Amoret Blog tour for audio book tour May 9 2022

  • (Multiple Authors) Alternative Ulster Noir May 02 

  • Pete Mesling and The Maker-Man of Merryville May 9 
    Richard Becker's 50 States May 13 

  • Marian Thorpe's Empire’s Heir May 23 

  • Malve Von Hassell - Tapestry of My Mother’s Life May 30 


  • Isobel Blackthorn's Sing Like a Canary June 13th

  • Colleen M. Story The Beached Ones June 15, 2022 

  • Alysson Foti Bourque's Alycat and the Cattywampus June 17 Friday

  • Philip Wyeth's The Incomplete Artist June 20th 

  • Leoni Rogers' Amethyst Pledge June 23 

  • Anna Willet's Lost to the Lake June 27 


  • J.T.T Ryder and Hag of the Hills July 4 

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