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  • Amy Shannon

Showcase: Mehreen Ahmed

Robert Eggleton nominated Mehreen Ahmed as an Indie Author who deserves appreciation and acknowledgement of her work. I am pleased to present this author a showcase blog post.

Author Bio:

Mehreen Ahmed has published with Cambridge University Press, Taylor and Francis, Routledge, Language Learning and Technology, Independence Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group, University of Canterbury, Kent, On-Call, ISTE, The Sheaf, Story Institute, Cosmic Teapot Publishing, Straylight Literary Magazine, and Ahmed has two MA degrees in English and Applied Linguistics from the University of Queensland, Australia and Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

Ahmed’s short stories, The Black Coat has been translated in Greek and The Anomalous Duo has been translated in German and waiting to be published in anthology of "Familie (er)zählt: Selection of stories completed; Sammlung abgeschlossen. Her books have been added to Harvard university library collections, Bodleian and Cambridge university library collections.


Jacaranda Blues: Set in Brisbane, Australia, this story is about a young girl, who takes charge of a struggling family of four, when their father, a mad punter, leaves town.

The Blotted Line: Riddled with foreign words, The Blotted Line is an international book of short stories. One thematic link that weaves the narratives together is its universal issue of loss. While the stories are individually unique, the characters in each tale lose something precious; not always in the sense of material possessions, but the loss of human values such as trust, freedom, and happiness.

Moirae: Nalia finds herself trapped in a strange and inescapable lucid dream. Danger looms ahead for her friends. Pressured out of their homes in the Lost Winds, every step threatens them with persecution and death.

Snapshots: On a trail of relics and ruins, Snapshots is a travel diary delineating my journeys of four major continents. A travel through the ancient, the medieval, the renaissance and the modern; an historical account of these continents has been noted in this diary.

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