• Amy Shannon

If you like it, review it. If you don't like it, review it.

Many times when a person reads a book, they often don't

think of reviewing the book, they just move on to the next one. To be honest, up until a few years ago, I didn't realize how important reviews are to authors and other readers. As an author and a book review blogger, I learned how important reviews truly are. I know that it's so difficult for me to get my own books reviewed, and sometimes I have to take the time to seek out reviewers. I always hope that a reader will read my work, and review it, whether it be a good review or a bad one. It doesn't always happen, as reviews don't always match up with the sales of the book.

Bad Reviews:

No one wants a bad review, however, even classic writers had their own critics. (If you don't believe me, or even if you do, the book "Pushcart's Complete Rotten Reviews & Rejections. I have the paperback and it's one of those books you want to read, especially if you got a bad review). Bad reviews can be learning experiences, and others can be just plain vicious. I have seen some reviews that tear down the author and their ability to write, or just be vicious because they don't like the genre (and they never read the book). Many erotica or MM erotica romance writers may have seen this type of review.

It's hard to not let reviews get to you, and if you have more good than bad, re-read those. One thing, though, as an author, do NOT ever respond to a bad review. That's unprofessional.

If you're a reader, and you don't like a book, write about it. Tell why, don't rip it apart or be degrading to the author. Yes, it is true just because a book is published, doesn't mean it should be. Not all authors are good writers.

Good Reviews:

Everyone hopes for a good review and sometimes, an author may get one. Sometimes the author may get many. If you're a reader and you like the book, write a review. Tell other readers why you liked the book, and it also shows it was worth taking a few moments to write the review. That is also important. As a writer and a reader, I don't personally read reviews until after I've read the book and written my review. I don't let the opinion of others sway my opinion, and that's why when I get author requests for reviews, I don't want them sending me samples of other's reviews.

Authors may use the reviews to put on the front or back cover of their work, or compile it in a section of their printed work. Amazon allows the reviews to be directly attached to the description or details of the book.

Good reviews can also be learning experiences, it tells the author what you liked about the characters, story, or even your favorite quote or scene. If you hated a character, maybe the author wants you to hate a character.

So, if you like it, write a review. If you don't like the story, also write a review. It doesn't have to a long review. I've gotten a review that had two letters. It was a 4-star rating with the letters O.K.

The number of reviews, as they get larger affect something on amazon for the author, but since I don't have books with a lot of reviews.

Write the review:

If you are interested in writing a review, do it with the books that you have on your shelf. If you want to read some of my work, and will write a review on it, let me know which book, and I'd be glad to send a free digital copy to you. You can contact me at writeramyshannon@gmail.com and let know which book(s) you want to read in exchange for an honest review.

If you want to review other author's works, you can contact the author and let them know of your interest. It's up to them and their own policy about how they gain reviews.

Thank you,