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Showcase: Rachael Tamayo

Annette Montez Kolda nominated Rachael Tamayo as an Indie Author who deserves appreciation and acknowledgement of her work. I am pleased to present this author a showcase blog post.

Author Bio:

Rachael Tamayo has written Romance, paranormal, and now this best selling author is trying her hand at thrillers. When she's not writing, you can usually find her with her family. Mom of a four year old son and infant daughter, and wife of thirteen years. Her full time profession as a 911/police dispatcher in the Houston area gives her an interesting perspective into people that others might not have. Tamayo was born and raised in Southeast Texas, where she lives with her family.

From the author:

"I've discovered that I love writing thrillers and believe I've found my genre. I doubt I'll be returning to contemporary romance anytime soon, but everything I write will always have some element of romance." – Rachael Tamayo


Upcoming Release: Crazy Love (Via Solstice Publishing): Reach deep into the mind of mentally ill millionaire, Noah Burrell, as he turns Emily's world upside down. His deranged love just might be her undoing.

The Friend-Zone series

Book 1:

Chase Me: Adrienne Lawrence loves her friends. It seems, however, that she doesn’t get along with her family as well. One hot Texas summer, Adrienne manages to fall headfirst over her own big mouth when she lies to her Mom about a long term boyfriend in efforts to squelch her Mom’s nasty comments about having a date for a family wedding.

Book 2:

Reach for Me: When Ashley’s high society life crumbles around her in the space of one afternoon, she’s forced to swallow her pride and move back home to Dallas.

Book 3:

Claim Me: Who will claim her heart once and for all? A hot Spanish purring blonde or a life-long friend with deep eyes and a heart to match?

Website links:

Twitter: @rtamayo2004

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