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Creating an Amazon Central International Author Page

Authors, if your books are selling on Amazon.com, one thing you should do is to create an amazon author page. You don't have to be an Indie Author using the Kindle Publishing features of Amazon, you just need to be an author. This page allows you to have all of your books (even if it's just one) in one place for the buyer.

Amazon has several international selling/buying sites but there are only a few International sites that have Author Central Pages.

Note that most of them are written in their native language, so unless you speak that language, you will need to have the page translated. Google Chrome will translate foreign language websites. All sites are set up like each other, so even without a translator, you can pretty much figure out what it says. Google Translator will help if you copy and paste and choose the right language on each side.

Links to the International Amazon Author Central Sites

UK (https://authorcentral.amazon.co.uk/) [English] FRANCE (https://authorcentral.amazon.fr) [French] GERMANY (https://authorcentral.amazon.de) [German) JAPAN (https://authorcentral.amazon.co.jp/) [Japanese)

Creating an Author Page

First, to set up an International Author Page, an amazon international site account needs to be created first.

On the home page of Author Central, create an account by clicking on the "Join Now" button. Follow the instructions of creating your account. (If you are an author with more than one penname, you'll need separate accounts for each penname). I have three, so I have three different author central accounts.

Author Page:

International sites are slightly different in what features they have compared to the Amazon US site. The "Author Page" tab is where an author enters their information. The biography area lets the author tell the world (or buyers) about themselves. I personally write it in third person, but it's up to anyone on what they want to share and how they want to share it.

Photos: The photo is what you want people to see when they visit your amazon central page. You upload it from your computer.

Events allows authors to share information about different events.

The video section allows authors to upload videos from their computer, and the videos should be appropriate, and related to your books or writing. It has to be uploaded, not embedded from video websites.

The "Books" Tab

It's obvious what is added here, the books. The purpose of the page is to add books and link them to the author. If this is a first time creation, the book titles can be added here. The book first MUST BE PUBLISHED or available for PREORDER. Click on "Add More Books" and then search for the book. The easiest way is by ISBN, since authors or titles may be similar. Once the book is found, click on "This is my book" underneath the title.

Kindle Books and Paperback books are listed separately. Once a book is published, if you have separate editions that are not automatically linked together, then you need to contact Amazon via the help features of Amazon for them to combine the editions.

Some books are listed automatically, but not all of them. So you may want to go through the list, and add as needed.

Once the books are listed, the author can see if or how many reviews the title has, update information, such as adding "reviews" or additional information about the book, such as excerpts or other information that is appropriate for the title of each section. If there isn't anything in the section, it does not appear on the book page.

**When clicking on the different tabs in the Author Central area, if you are using Google Chrome, you'll have to click the translator icon for each page, or it won't translate**

Ranks The sales info tab gives details about sales and rankings, and Customer reviews allows the author to see all reviews for all titles.

Author Page:

There are many author pages on Amazon for those to get an idea of how to put together an amazon page. If you notice when looking at the links, the only thing that changes is the International domain. The Author name and identification number stays the same).

My International Author pages

UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amy-Shannon/e/B00EFZD5NU/ FR https://www.amazon.fr/Amy-Shannon/e/B00EFZD5NU/ GERMAN https://www.amazon.de/Amy-Shannon/e/B00EFZD5NU/ JAPAN https://www.amazon.co.jp/Amy-Shannon/e/B00EFZD5NU/

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