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Book Showcase: Bound (The Mystery of Landon Miller Series Book 2) by R.M Gauthier

RM Gauthiers's title "Bound" came in at number 19 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.

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Synopsis : The Mystery of Landon Miller deepens...

Whatever happened that fateful night - the night Landon walked out on her - it's not something Lexi is willing to let go. Determined, she will do whatever it takes, harass Landon's employees, stalk the FBI, and even alienate the people closest to her. Anything to solve the mystery of Landon Miller.

A trip to Italy, and unlikely accomplice and an unsolved mystery surround Alexandria Shaw's adventure as she tries to uncover what happened to Landon and how it involves criminals and the F.B.I.

The next journey of this story beings right where the last one left off.

Welcome to The Mystery of Landon Miller.


Swinging the front door open, I encounter a man with black, shoulder-length hair. He has deep-set dark eyes, and eyebrows pinched together. He glares at me. He's wearing a long, black trench coat. Left unbuttoned, I get a glimpse of his suit, which is also dark in color. A white-collared, buttoned-up shirt with a blue tie. A finely dressed man for sure, but his glare lets me know this is not a social visit. This man is not to be trusted, making me regret my decision to open the door. As we stand staring at each other, it becomes apparent he isn't going to say anything, so I begin. "Can I help you?" I'm annoyed by the stranger standing on my porch. He narrows his eyes further but remains quiet. He's calculating something—what, I have no idea. But, he's definitely trying to figure something out. "What can I do for you?" I huff, my voice sounding as aggravated as I feel. Still, the man stands on my porch staring at me without uttering a word. Irritated to the point of hostility, I start to swing the door shut intent on ignoring the man who doesn't seem to have anything to say. A foot unexpectedly protrudes between the door and the frame, preventing the door from closing. Anger fills me as I rip the door open again, only to discover the man is closer than I feel comfortable with. He reaches out, grabbing me by the throat and squeezing. I struggle as the man backs me up until he's inside the house. He closes the door with his foot and pins me to the wall with his hand still around my throat. He puts enough pressure to scare me, but not enough to choke me.

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