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  • Amy Shannon

Book Showcase: Finding Solace by C. L Scholey

C. L. Scholey's title "Finding Solace" came in at number 18 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.

Synopsis: Solace...a woman with the serenity to heal his tortured soul. Months ago, Solace is yanked from her world to an ancient planet filled with hybrid beasts. She has learned to fight for her life and for the sad race of humans striving to survive. A pack of raptors proves more than she can handle until a fierce tattooed man steps in to save her. He is as dangerous as his name, and yet his touch fills her with passion beyond her world or his. Amidst the grueling chaos of her new life, Solace finds peace in his arms. But peace is rare and fleeting... Menace...a man with no hope and accustomed to danger. Destruction follows in his path until his way is blocked by the first light he’s seen in decades. The beautiful human female he saves from certain death brings him to life in ways he's never dreamed possible. She stirs emotions old and new and becomes the love of his damned lonely life. Then she is stolen, and Menace will stop at nothing to once again find Solace.


One man and woman will travel to the ends of a handful of Earths for love… Menace released her and hovered over her. Solace knew better than to trace his many tattoos. The images were haunting. Not all were faces, some images were of a cherished item, something of significance left behind and etched onto skin. His tale was a sad one he had told her when they first met, wanting her to know everything about him. The sacrifices he and his people endured hurt his heart. The drawings stopped many years ago when the last of Menace’s tribe was hunted to death. He was certain his fate would be the same, and he developed a cavalier attitude toward death—whatever came would come. He continued to live, and soon his thoughts tormented him, building to a fury so intense he became the name he despised—Menace. The last of his people, he roamed until finding Doom’s village. He was welcomed. Solace knew he refused to sacrifice again. It didn’t matter. The shame was Doom’s to bear. It was his village. Menace turned his rage to hunting. Nothing was safe when he walked the jungle, and the dinosaurs learned to give him and his unpredictable rage a wide berth. “How can you love a man like me?” Too late, he’d seen where her gaze rested. “How can I not?”

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