• Amy Shannon

Book Showcase: Finding Pandora: the complete collection by E. Rachael Hardcastle

E. Rachael Hardcastle's title "Finding Pandora-The Complete Collection" came in at number 13 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.

buy link: https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Pandora-Collection-Rachael-Hardcastle-ebook/dp/B0718X8CP2/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1512931032&sr=1- 2&keywords=Finding+Pandora

Synopsis: Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection combines all four of E. Rachael Hardcastle's gripping high fantasy books into one action-packed volume.

World (Book One) - Arriette Monroe never expected to be thrust into the heart of supernatural chaos, nor did she deem herself worthy of four very special gifts. But now she's got friends to rescue, Vampyrs to fight and impossible expectations to meet. Although Arriette thinks she's walking pandemonium, The Recruit think she's their saviour. And they're willing to prove it...

Heaven (Book Two) - Arriette Monroe is confident she can succeed as the Recruit's newest leader, despite the trouble she's caused and the innocents she's killed. Having mastered the basics of her gifts, Arriette is prepared to tell her mother that she's been chosen as Haeylo's saviour, until an unexpected visitor creates chaos. Thrust into action once again, Arriette must determine if recent events, revealed secrets and the rumours of an opened box are interlinked, because if they are, she's going to need a lot more than luck to save her friends this time...

Book Three (Infinity) - Haeylo's thriving supernatural community comes under threat from a trusted, high- ranking Everlast, and after targeting Arriette's newest sanctuary, she knows it's time the Recruit challenged his actions. Stripped of her new powers and burdened with the arrival of another unique Vampyr, Arriette must find a way to protect her vulnerable community, and to prepare for the largest battle Haeylo has ever seen.

Book Four (Eternity) - Arriette Monroe has finally located Pandora's Box but it's guarded by a ferocious fire-breathing dragon. Using magic, the Recruit think they can bring it safely to their sanctuary, but greedy Everlast Falkon Lou has other plans for such power. Eager to gain control of Haeylo's HPS, Falkon sends his army of Orcs and Werewolves to storm the Recruit's lair and kill any Supe who stands in their way. Fortunately for Haeylo, that Supe is Arriette Monroe, and this time she won't go down without a fight...