• Amy Shannon

"A Like for a Like" Does it matter?

Anyone who is a writer and trying to brand themselves using social media, knows the term "a like for a like" or "follow me" etc... But what does it really do for those gaining the likes or follows?

Many times, (and I participate in this as well), I see Facebook groups or other authors posting on their pages for others to "like" their page, and they will get a like in return.

Now, the hope and intention of the like for like is that it shows that others support your page, and hopefully some of those likes are not just a click and move on, but someone who actually does support your page, your work and could be part of your fan base.

I hope that when someone "likes" one of my Facebook pages, (I have a few, one that is linked here for my writing, and others that are for my other pen names, or book series), that they don't just click the like button and move on, but they also take the time see what my page is all about.

For anyone who has a page (that's separate from their profile) and looking to do some self-promotion for whatever your page is about, I also recommend trying to engage those who do follow your page, and read your posts. Ask questions, post statuses that will gain some comments, conduct polls, and if you have a group that you own or administer, you can also link that to your page as well.

This is part of creating your brand, and getting your name out there. Let people know who you are and what you do. It shouldn't just be about "buy" my work or all about self promotion, but something that will bring people in and engage them.

Now, for the people who like another's page, before you take the time to click that like button, check out the page first. It may or may not be something you support. By clicking Like you are showing your support for another person or business, but make sure you know about what you are supporting. Too many times people blindly click like and then get overwhelmed with posts that they don't care about or want to support. It also helps the person with the Facebook page to see that someone truly supports them. It should be about the likes, and not just the "cosmetic" likes.

As always, this is my opinion. If anyone ever wishes to comment on any of my posts, they can email me directly, or post a comment once this post is shared on Facebook or Twitter.

For a little Self promotion myself, if you support me or my work, you are welcome to like any of my Facebook pages. The links are below.

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