• Amy Shannon

Book Showcase: Grandma, me and tree by Jerry Pociask

Jerry Pociask's title "Grandma, Me and Tree" came in at number 5 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.

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The bonds between a grandmother and her grandchildren are sacred. There exists a trust which remains unbroken even after the children are grown and she has passed on. “Grandma Me and Tree” is such a story. A story to transcend not only reality, it explores the love of “Grandma” as she shares her artistic abilities on canvas, a phenomenal story teller and true lover of the outdoors, guiding them to discover their own wonders and miracles of nature. The first time she introduced “Tree” in a story, the children are delighted however skeptical. Only her insistence of being able to talk to nature while visiting her favorite pond, did they begin to wonder of the possibilities. Eventually the children come to learn a reality. The difficult lesson everyone is not always here for us. Time passes and the story repeats itself in their heads. Doubt becomes wonder. Memories and love cause them to ask their dad if they can take a ride and see Grandma’s pond for themselves. Follow along with “Grandma Me and Tree” and discover for yourself what Grandma believed and what brought her grandchildren’s hearts back home!


“Anyway, there I stood in front of Tree, watching closely. If I leaned left, Tree leaned with me. If I leaned the other way, so did Tree. I know this sounds crazy, but it felt like Tree was as curious about me as I was about It.” “Who are you? What are you?” I asked Tree. Tree stood still but a moment and asked me, “Who or what would you like me to be?” “It made me think. And then I shared my thoughts with Tree.” “I have read where the American Indian always believed that plants and trees and animals all had the ability to talk to us. In places like Ireland or Scotland, they believe in elves or sprites. Faeries have been a part of their legends for hundreds of years. And yet, you could be an angel sent here to speak to me. So, which is it?” Tree chuckled softly and asked, “Which is it you would like? I can be all or I can be three. I can be one. Or can be a simple tree. Your choice. You choose.” “Hmmm, my hands were still on my hips and I wasn’t sure what to think or who to choose. And then I thought it didn’t really matter. I mean, there I was standing in a forest by a pond talking to a tree. Who would believe me anyway?”

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