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  • Amy Shannon

July 2018 is Indie Author Appreciation month

July 2018 is Indie Author Appreciation month on my blog ( I

will be accepting nominations for Indie authors that deserve to be recognized, acknowledged for their work and to have a spotlight post about them. Anyone who wishes to nominate someone can email me directly at and enter "Indie Author Appreciation" in the subject line and click on the email link in this post or use the form on the showcase area.

Within the EMAIL, please nominate ONE author per EMAIL. Provide me with the author's pen name, published book title, and contact information (ie. email address, FB page, website etc...) if you have it. The author must be an INDIE author.

The first 30 authors nominated correctly will be accepted.

For Complete RULES, go to the "Showcase Nomination" Page of my Blog. Any nomination that does not follow the rules will be excluded.

All nominations should be for someone else, NOT yourself. The spotlight will showcase the author, and recognize their work. It is not a book promo but an author promotion.

Nominations will ONLY be accepted until May 31, 2018.

In order for the nomination to count, the sender must follow the rules of the nomination.

Only a couple authors have been nominated, and I know there are more out there, so nominate your favorite. It doesn't matter the genre, just as long as the author is an Indie Author.


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