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Indie Author Showcase: Will Mayo

Will Mayo was nominated as an Indie Author who deserves appreciation and acknowledgement of his work. I am pleased to present this author a showcase blog post. Previously, he was also featured in March’s Indie Poet Appreciation Month.

Author Bio:

from Mayo, "I'm single and just a man like any other, penning words on the go and hoping for the best out of life. A drunk a lover and a fool, a man of leisure and a scoundrel. Living life naked and happy with my cat in Frederick, Maryland."

“The Interview”

Why do I write? I don't know how to answer except that I can't go too long without writing something or another. Same thing with reading a good book. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't. Literally. The shakes and the neverending hunger if I don't get with it and write something or another. So I've been holed up here in my apartment, naked and alone with my six-toed black cat, the past few years writing the nights away. It helps. It really does. I've failed at everything else, job, career, relationship, and so what do I do? I write. And for some reason or another, people seem to like it. They publish me in their magazines, in books too. But, mostly, it passes the hours and the years. It passes the time. That's all we're really doing here on this earth, passing time, after all. Some do it with a prayer. Some do it with a stopwatch. I do it with these words.


Roadmaps of the Mind:

This is a collection of stories, poems, and random bits of words exploring love, death, danger, the depths of wisdom, life on the road and in solitude, insanity, sanity, the things society demands of us. and the things we demand of

ourselves. In other words, this is one man's view on what it means to be a man. Take it as you will. You will not leave the experience unchanged.


A Distant Prayer by Will Mayo

A Distant Prayer

Children of the night

come forth from every alleyway

and streetwise shelter.

where nuns ring the bell

for a mass that never follows.

and hermits set up shop

on every sidewalk vending place.

hoping to make a few bucks

but much rathering be left alone.

old men walk around in a daze,

never seeing, never really daring.

simply choosing to parse their riddles

in one word or less.

knights without swords

or armor to shield the silver

wander, too, singing verses

of that which they once knew

but no longer live to forget.

women without names

hold the answer.

for five bucks and a ten

(a vial also),

they'll sell their souls

to hold a tale hidden in their hearts.

send up then a distant prayer

for the children of the night.

they alone know that

which lives atwixt the light and the dark.

Copyright @Will Mayo 2017

Website links:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wsmayo?ref=br_rs

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"Roadmaps of the Mind by Will Mayo

5 Stars


The book and poet were featured in March as one of the Indie Poet for my Indie Poet Appreciation Month in 2018 on my author blog. Mayo brings the reader into his mind about life, how its lived, and what it demands from humanity. It's one of those collections of thoughts that are more than just prose and poetry. One of my favorites was "Nighttime, 1998" as he writes "Then it is that the wind should usher in a silence that deafens the dawn." Sometimes what others think can inspire the rest of us, bringing out feelings we didn't realize were buried. I read this collection twice, just had to make sure I didn't miss anything the first time. "