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Indie Author Showcase: Larry Diebert

Larry Diebert was nominated as an Indie Author who deserves appreciation and acknowledgement of his/her work. I am pleased to present this author a showcase blog post.

Author Bio:

Larry Deibert has written ten novels. He is a Vietnam veteran and is the past president of the Lehigh Northampton Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Larry retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 2008 after working as a letter carrier for over 21 years. He and his wife, Peggy, live in Hellertown, Pa., where he enjoys reading and writing. He has two grown children, Laura and Matthew.

“The Interview”

Tell me two things about yourself that are separate from writing. A couple of years ago, I began a walking program to help me in my weight loss journey. I have already walked the length of the Mississippi River and more-over 2300 miles.

When I was 47, I completed a 33 mile night hike with a Boy Scout troop, running the final mile.

Why do you write?

I write because I have so many stories spinning around in my head and I need to get them written down. Many of my stories might never be published, but I am glad to have written them.

Brag about ONE accomplishment as a writer. Local newspapers wanted to write articles about my books.

Name up to five people who inspire you. My wife, Peggy, has always been an inspiration, because of the faith she has in my ability to write. When I first started writing seriously, 28 years ago, I was inspired by a friend and Edgar Allen Poe award recipient for mystery, Mark Graham. The drill sergeants who guided me through Basic Combat Training were inspirations toward my physical fitness at that time, and to teach me that I could learn many things I would have thought not possible. Of course, nothing would be possible without God.

If you could sit down with anyone, living or dead, and have a conversation with, who would it be?

My parents. I lost my mom in 1989 and my dad passed in 1993. I think they would be so proud of me now, and I would love to spend some time with them again.


  • The Christmas City Vampire

  • Werewolves In The Christmas City

  • Combat Boots dainty feet-Finding Love In Vietnam

  • Fathoms

  • From Darkness To Light

Witches, Werewolves and Walter Synopsis:

Six months after nearly losing their lives in a terror attack, retired Bethlehem detective, Hyram Lasky, and his girlfriend, Susan Mitchell are vacationing in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Unbeknownst to them, the three perpetrators of the attack are now living in Wilmington, North Carolina. Adam and Eve, two werewolf clones, and Jamal, a young man scratched by a werewolf, now possesses special powers.

Seven witches are about to gather for their fourth one-hundred year reawakening, which will make them more powerful than ever. The four good witches must try to stop the evil triplets from gaining this power and hopefully turn them around to help, instead of harming humanity.

Walter Marchant, an earthbound spirit, who was accused of killing his wife, needs to find a way to break his bonds and finally leave his ghostly life and get to Heaven to reconnect with his wife.

A Heavenly trio is at work to bring, Hyram, Susan, and other ghost hunters together to fight against the evil that is present at the time.

Will his small army be able to defeat ghosts, werewolves and witches, or will Satan win this battle in North Carolina.

Witches, Werewolves and Walter Excerpt:

Hyram Lasky’s sneakers pounded the macadam with each stride he took. On the final mile of his five mile run, he was enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun, and the breeze coming inland from the Atlantic Ocean. His chest burned as he ran faster and faster, sucking in oxygen and expelling the carbon dioxide from his lungs. At sixty-three, he really felt good, even with three prosthetic limbs. He lost both legs below the knees and his right arm below the elbow. It took him quite a while to adjust to the new limbs, but he never gave up.

With about a quarter mile to go to the Carolina Temple Island Inn, he started walking to cool down a little. He turned his face toward the Banks Channel of the Intracostal Waterway, watching boats cruise up and down. Taking the water bottle from the back left pocket of his shorts, he took a long pull, emptying the twenty ounce bottle. He put the container back in his pocket, then he wiped his brow with his left arm. The run was exhilarating, with no pain at all, finally feeling totally accustomed to the artificial limbs. Every day since January 31st, he thanked God for sparing his life. Six of his friends and co-workers were not as lucky and they died horribly after the bombs went off.

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Final Thought …

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be able to write a book. Now, I have self-published ten books and I have two others that were published, but they are no longer available. Perhaps someday. Follow your dreams, and they might lead you to riches and fame.

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