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Featured Book: Sir Ethan's Contract by Brina Brady

Sir Ethan's Contract by Brina Brady was recently released in June 2018. Click on the Book image to purchase this book on Amazon.com

About Sir Ethan's Contract:

Rich, intelligent, and ridiculously sexy Sir Ethan finds his submissive left him, breaking their D/S contract. Not wanting to hook up with another submissive who wants more than he can give him, Sir Ethan places an ad offering a large sum of money for a submissive man. He wants to take care of a submissive, make rules, and dish out the consequences so he tightens his contract with no room for love.

American born Adrien Dubois loses his family when ICE deports them to France. He hooks up with a mean ex-felon in a dilapidated trailer and becomes his houseboy in exchange for room and board. When Stone abandons him without money or food, Adrien finds an ad for a submissive.

Sir Ethan is going to be Adrien’s Dominant for one month, and he’ll make lots of money. What could go wrong? He’s going to take care of Adrien, and all he has to do is follow Sir Ethan’s rules or his Dominant will spank him. Adrien is terrified to admit it, deep down he knows that soon he’ll beg Sir Ethan to strip him bare and teach Adrien what happens to bad boys. Two men not looking for love, one needs money, and the other wants convenient sex. What happens when two men get more than they agree to on their contract?

Indulge in this steamy MM erotica.

Look for this book and more by Brina Brady on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Brina-Brady/e/B00KMW8LD4


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