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  • Amy Shannon

"Where do you write?" (Response #1)

I am interested where writers actually sit down and write, and what inspires them, and I want to share their stories.

Here is a response I got from author K. D. Basso.

"I am often inspired by other artists, usually visual but occasionally musical. Sculpture gardens, gardens in general I find very inspiring. I don't write about them, per se, but being in them relaxes me and tends to let the creativity flow. Even though I write on a laptop, I crave that disconnect from man made things. Most days that means acknowledging the birds outside my kitchen window, but it's enough. To research on the go - I recently started using an app called OneNote. It organizes on the fly ideas, notes, and pictures, so that if something does inspire me, I can quickly "take" it with me - as you did in the graveyard. Since I started, I've added to two current WIPs, started compiling ideas for a third, and then have a file that is literally "whatever.""--K D Basso

About the author: Kimberly Davis Basso is the award winning author of I'm a Little Brain Dead, the "undeniably funny" memoir about her stroke (available on Amazon). She enjoys hearing from readers (and writers) and invites you to contact her through whichever digital means you find most enjoyable.

Website: Book Information: I'm a little Brain Dead

---------------------------------------------- If you're an author who wants to share "where do you write?" information, and get a post similar to this one, email me at with "where do you write?" in the subject line.

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