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Featured Book: Escape From Hell: 4 Steps to Getting the Hell Out of an Abusive Relationship by May L

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About: Escape From Hell: 4 Steps to Getting the Hell Out of an Abusive Relationship

Are you struggling in your marriage or relationship? Is your partner abusing you physically, mentally, or emotionally? Do you have children but feel trapped in the marriage and don’t know what to do?

What can a woman do when a relationship goes south and she is abused?

May Liang Chiang spent nearly 20 years in an abusive relationship and marriage to a man who didn’t love her, who dragged her to war-torn Iran to live with relatives who hated her, and who cheated on her with another woman. Escape from Hell is the story of how she endured eleven years of pain and humiliation in Iran where wives are considered property, finally escaped with her children to England, started a new life with them, and eventually learned to forgive. She wrote this book to show other women in similar situations how they too can escape from hell, not just the abusive relationship, but the hell of emotional turmoil it leaves in its wake, in four simple steps.


The constant slapping, punching and arguments made me not want him in the house. I didn’t want to see his face. A few arguments before, I asked him to let me go back to my parents in Hong Kong with the children. He would be free to do whatever he wanted. He said NO. If I wanted to leave, I had to leave by myself. There was no way I could leave my children behind. His mother didn’t like my children. She told her friends that they were my children, not her son’s nor her grandchildren. Nobody in his family liked or accepted my children. I and my two children were never accepted in their families. We were foreigners, alien strangers. How could I leave my children behind?

Review from Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews: http://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/bookshelfreviews/single-post/2018/08/09/Escape-From-Hell-by-May-Liang-Chiang

“4 Stars. Very heart wrenching, and heart-provoking

If you've been in an abusive relationship, you know there is a difference between a "bad" one and an "abusive" one. They are definitely not the same. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and what personal feelings of my own would be triggered when I read this book. But, I read it. Each situation is different, no matter what is experienced or what the culture is, it is different. No one can live in another's shoes. This book provides experiences of the author, and shares the culture, and the abuse. It is not just cathartic for the author, but it provides tips and information for those in similar situations. One sentence stuck with me, even as I read through the book, "The constant slapping, punching and arguments made me not want him in the house." The author is strong and brave for sharing the story but also trying to help others. There are four steps in the process that the author provides, and I'm very familiar with step four, as it is a continual process for survival and living.”


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