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  • Amy Shannon

Featured Book: Forgiveness With Pen & Paper: 5 Simple Writing Exercises To Enable You To Feel Fr

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About: Forgiveness With Pen & Paper: 5 Simple Writing Exercises To Enable You To Feel Free and Happy Again

Do you seethe with rage a past injustices in your life-maybe even about events that happened decades ago? Do you hate a person or group of people for their actions and inactions? If so, this anger, hate and often overwhelming sadness can take over your current life with devastating consequences for your day-to-day life and those around you.

With the 5 breakthrough tools in this book you'll learn how to...

-Use simple writing exercises to get clear what you're really upset about

-Ask yourself 7 simple questions to help you to forgive

-Melt any of your deep-seated emotions so you are free to live in the moment and experience the true joys of life

-Give yourself some insights into the reasons behind the suffering you experienced

-Bring peace and harmony into your life and the lives of others around you

I have written some stories of myself as examples to show you. I hope by doing this simple exercises, you will find peace and happiness for yourselves. Really start enjoying your presence.


Eventually, all it takes is one unexpected incident, such as a job lost, broken relationship or marriage, falling out with a best friend, death of a close member family, and all these haunted issues from the past will creep to the surface like magma from a volcano.

“4 Stars. Inspirational

As a writer, I always use pen and paper to help get my thoughts down, not even in a story. I found this book very inspirational, and it not only gave the idea of writing down thoughts, but different writing exercises, some I hadn't thought of. Writing does not always give peace, depending on what is being written, but this book was well thought out and put together. There is a grand lesson within the book and tips, and I found it inspirational and very helpful.”

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