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  • Amy Shannon

Book Showcase: Demand the Brand Within by Sashat Nattat

Book Information

Demand the Brand Within a poetry book that relays a giant message…

Follow your dreams and exercise your talents. Poetry is all around us and the author Sashat Nattat believes that any story can be told with a poem. The introduction poem Demand the Brand Within encourages you to challenge yourself and question are you demanding your brand or walking a safe and monotonous path. Confidence is a key ingredient to success.

Each section in the book marks another step in the authors journey in finding her brand. Familiar feelings of insecurity, grief, love, honesty and confidence will touch you as you read each poem. The author is motivated by life and talent, with nothing more than a minimum wage lifestyle and a determination to capture the mind with a well written rhyme.

After you complete this book you should be inspired to discover and demand, your own brand.

Book excerpt


It’s a man’s world

Everywhere I go, my eyes see the reminder

That indeed they are the stronger being… Fact

The fiction comes in believing that women are weak

Our strength is pronounced in our attractive figures

Bottoms, breast and legs so strong

Loaded guns without a trigger

A look that can defeat the strongest of men

And make them stand at our attention

Secret weapons cut so neat, like a poison and Oh! So sweet

You’d be lucky if you could get a taste

Consider yourself brave for getting through our defenses

Tracking you with a power beyond six senses

A spell is cast the moment we see you

You may think it’s your victory but in fact it is our will

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