• Amy Shannon

Your Legacy

As a writer, you may hope that your words will live on. After all, you published your work, and maybe someone will continue to buy your work after you're gone.

There are many writers from the past, that are still read today (and I know, because I read a lot of the classic authors). Yes, their work is now considered "classic." Do you think yours will be, in 50, 100 or even centuries later?

Think about your favorite classic writer (and I include poets as well), and what makes their writing different than the writing of today. Yes, there is a different in the form of English (or other language) and how they write. Poets may write with more melodic words, and some words have evolved (ever notice that words like "today" and "tomorrow" used to be written like "To-day" or "To-morrow"?).

Also, remember that not all classic authors were embraced in the era that they wrote in, some of their work was rejected, or given poor reviews, or never even published. Some "lost" work of the writer may be published after their death, and some of their work may never be seen by anyone's eyes but their own.

What is the legacy of your words? Your stories, poems, or just thoughts scribbled in a notebook?

As I move forward, I decided to review the past classics and be inspired to create my own Legacy of words ... a project that is still in the works, but maybe someday, will be read by someone other than me.


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