• Amy Shannon

Indie Author Tip: Combine your editions

Most authors know this, but some do not realize that if you are an Indie author, certain websites, such as Amazon.com and Goodreads do not automatically combine your editions. What does this mean? It means listing all editions of your book together and linking them together, such as putting both kindle and paperback together, so readers can easily choose which format they wish to purchase.

In Amazon, if you use Author Central and Kindle Publishing to publish your book, there is a process to go through, using their contact form and their HELP menu provides all of these details. Make sure you have the ISBN and ASIN

for the books that need to be linked. Of course, they need to be the same title.

Also, if you are an Indie author and publish using Amazon, take advantage of using Author Central, where you can create an author page. Even if you are using a publisher, you can still use this feature, and then you just add your books to your page. It's very simple.

Not everyone enjoys Goodreads, and I think that is in part to reviews that are left, and not all reviews are good or even something the author can learn from, but also the reviews can be written before a book is even published or any ARC has been released for reviews. Anyway, aside from that, I list my books on Goodreads, and I also write reviews on Goodreads. The book listing does not automatically combine editions, so use the "Combine" tool to combine your editions. It's a very simple process.

Also, if you accidentally combine editions, you can easily separate them as well.

It's not bad to have a Goodreads author profile, either. You can answer questions, add your books to your account, but you have to make sure you are listed as an author.

Hope these tips help. If you have questions about using Amazon Central, combining editions, or using Goodreads, feel free to contact me with questions. I use these often, and things I don't know, I always ask.