• Amy Shannon

Authors, are your editions linked?

Authors, if you use Amazon to sell your books (self-published or otherwise), you should make sure that your editions of your books are linked to each other. What does this mean? It means when a reader goes to your book and can see there are editions for print, kindle and (maybe, audio). This is better than a reader who wants to read a paperback, but found the kindle edition and has to search again for the paperback version, if there is one.

Now, if you're only releasing in one format, this is obviously unnecessary. But, if you are among the authors, new or experienced, and have not even thought about connecting the editions, this is to show you that it's important and should be done.

Amazon is not the only one that links books together. Goodreads also allows the author to add new editions, even multiple printings and formats, and linking them together.

The process is not hard, and you can search the help menu at any of the sites, and they usually provide good information on how to do it.

This information is not about having an author page on amazon, but that is also helpful, so you can have all your books listed in one place, under your author/pen name. It also helps when authors have the same or similar names.

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