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Author Showcase: Valeria Lopes

Author Bio: I was born in a Catholic and spiritist’ family in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a medium, I’ve had the gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience since I was a child. So, I’ve had contact with spirits since my early childhood, and I’ve always had by my side the spirit of a woman who accompanies me as my guardian angel; her name is Andorra. She gave me the stories of all my novels.

On an ordinary day back in 1998, I was at home playing solitaire on my computer, when suddenly a story started to present itself in my mind, like a movie. At that moment, I was surprised, it was very unexpected. In the beginning, I didn’t know exactly what I was seeing or hearing, so I opened my word processor and started to frantically write. I tried hard not to lose the plot, the dialogue, the thoughts, the characters’ emotions, and every detail on every scene. After a few hours, having finished the initial pages, I realized that the story was not only a simple message but that it was going to be a long story. One day later I knew it would become a book. I was excited by this discovery and at the same time moved by the plot of this tragic love story. In a week I had finished writing the whole story; the first book of the series “The Curse of the Werck Family.” This way of receiving messages, poems, stories, is not new to me, as it is one of the ways spirits have communicated with me since I was a child. They’ve used this way of channeling at various times in my life, but mainly when I have to give advice or messages to my friends or even strangers. Or when I write books. I started to write when I was a child. I always had an incredible imagination and created fantastic stories in my mind. At school, I won a literary competition with a short story of my own. One of my Language Arts teachers always said I would be an author. I got my first job, as a 16-year-old intern in the administrative area of a large bank in Brazil, by beating the many other candidates with my cover letter. At 20 years of age, I got a job as an actress in a famous soap opera, at a big television channel in Brazil, because of a monologue that I wrote and presented in my theater group. I remember that the directors and all students in my theater group were incredibly moved by my text and my performance on stage. But unfortunately, at that moment in my life, for personal reasons I couldn’t accept the role. I got married when I was 18 years old, so my main responsibility was to be a mother to my two children. During my entire life, I’ve done many different things, such as working as an accounting technician, instrumentation technician (almost), jewelry craftsperson, a business woman in the beauty area, saleswoman, actress (almost), human resources officer, and in some other areas. I got divorced when I was 23 years old. Therefore I had to work hard to take care of my children. But honestly, I never expected to be a writer. I only dreamed about it. It amazingly came true when I wrote my first novel inspired by the spirit of Andorra, in 1998. After that, I wrote five more books, until I had to stop writing because of a brain aneurysm. Four of my novels were published in Brazil, between 2000 and 2005. The books started to sell well and be successful, which was quite remarkable for an unknown author in the Brazilian market. After a few years, another big publishing house in Brazil was interested in my stories, but a decision by the company’s board of directors changed the plans, and they didn’t open the new area in the group, where they would invest in spiritual novels. So, the plans didn’t go through. Then in 2015, my children Rosana Lopes and Davi Lopes decided to open our own publishing house in the United States. We believe it’s the right time and the right place to release our “pearls” to the world. So, we founded The PiuBook Publishing Company ( With this project, we started to review and translate all the books from Portuguese to English and Spanish. For us, PiuBook is our family mission in partnership with our spiritual friends. Nowadays, besides the launch of the books in English and Spanish, I’m back to writing a new novel which I had to stop in the middle to deal with a brain aneurysm. But now, I’m working together with my daughter, Rosana Lopes. She has the same medium gifts I do, and with the guidance of our spiritual guides, she’ll continue my legacy. The Spirit of Andorra is now working with her as the channel in the essential part of the spiritual communications, to finish this novel, and to start other ones that are to come.

"The responsibility of the spiritual work is enormous, and for this reason, I hope to continue to deserve the gift of receiving stories that talk about life and death, trying to somehow help all those who pass through trials, giving them patience, understanding, and resignation. Throughout all these years, I have lived so many experiences with my spiritual friends. I had a lot of affinity and gratitude for all this time we are together and united in the joy of serving the good."

Book Titles:

In English The Curse of The Werck Family – Volume 1: The Battle between Love and Hate The Curse of The Werck Family – Volume 2: Eternal Souls Gypsy Love: Dream or Reality? When Nothing Matters (Release date June 7th, 2019) Pre-order at Amazon Seven Waves Coming Soon… Expected Release Date – November 2019 Surprise: “A new novel” Coming Soon… Expected Release Date – June 2020 In Spanish La Maldición de Los Werck - Volumen 1: La Batalla entre el Amor y el Odio La Maldición de Los Werck - Volumen 2: Almas Eternas Coming Soon… Release Date – June 2019 Amor Gitano - ¿Sueño o Realidad? Coming Soon… Expected Release Date – August 2019 Cuando Nada Importa Coming Soon… Expected Release Date – April 2020 Siete Olas Coming Soon… Expected Release Date – August 2020 Surprise: “A new novel” Expected Release Date – June 2021 In Portuguese Amor Cigano: Sonho ou Realidade? A Maldição dos Werck – Volume 1: A Batalha entre o Amor e o Ódio A Maldição dos Werck – Volume 2: Almas Eternas Sete Ondas Quando Nada Importa (Release date June 7th, 2019) Pre-order at Amazon Surprise: “A new novel” Expected Release Date – June 2020

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