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  • Amy Shannon

Authors, what's the name of your first book you ever wrote?

Authors, what's the name of your first book you ever wrote? Did you publish it? OK, well, since you published your first book, think of the books that you've written since then. Maybe this is your first book you're publishing, and maybe it's your 10th or 20th and so on. The books out there, that have been published, maybe years ago, do you think about promoting them?

I have written a lot of books, some I have taken off the market and not sure if I'm going to put them on since they were rebranded. However, there are a few books that I've written, and I'm in the process (or already has) republished them, new cover, updated story, new ISBN number, so a whole new book.

It also got me thinking to my other books that I've wrote. I can't be the writer I want to be but I am still proud of the writer that I used to be.

So, what is this leading to? Well, it's to give writers a thought about remarketing or promoting their past books, even if they are promoting their newest work or future publication. There are many ways an "old" book can have new life breathed into it. Just promote it as it is (which is perfectly fine). Release it in a new format (such as audiobook or hardcover). Rebrand it, give it a new cover, update the story, or whatever.

It's something I am taking the time to do. Also, a while back, a long way back, I ran a series of posts on my blog called "Old Story New Read." Well, I'm bringing that back. I'm using my own "old stories" and posting new information. But, there is something I am offering writers. If you want your book to be part of this "Old Story New Read," for $30 per post, I will run information about your book as part of this series. Email me at and write Old Story New Read. I'll need your book title, purchase link, book cover, synopsis of book, and an excerpt of the book (one chapter would be fine). If it's part of the series, which series, the volume number, and if not the first, which book came before it, and then after it.

Promote your old work for a very reasonable price, and this will reach my many contacts, and even more when the posts get shared on social media (including my social media platforms for all my businesses).



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