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Carola Schmidt's Tell me a story, Babushka

About Carola Schmidt:

Carola Schmidt lives in Curitiba, Brazil. Called Carolina at birth, she was nicknamed Carola by her Baba (grandmother) Amelia who emigrated to Brazil from Ukraine. Wanting to know more about her grandmother’s homeland, Carola traveled to present-day Ukraine. She returned understanding that our memories are like a favorite blanket creating a cozy feeling of belonging. It was in Ukraine where she decided to write this story―a tale of how she imagined her missing family history and their escape from a difficult time long ago. Today, Carola writes children’s books and works as a pediatric oncology pharmacist, helping children going through cancer treatments.

Tell me a story, Babushka

Book link:

Genre: Children's

About Tell me a story, Babushka

When a little girl asks her Baba to tell her a story about a princess and a monster what she hears is so much more―the true tale of her grandmother’s escape from a prisoner of war camp in Siberia to freedom, all with the help of a secret message hidden in a nesting doll. The perfect happily ever after!

This really is a special one. Not just because it’s written by our very own Carola Schmidt. But also because it represents new art from past tragedies, telling an important, very relevant story about Ukraine. And the publisher is Reycraft! If you aren’t familiar with their picture books, they are currently producing the best #OwnVoices picture books in the world.

The illustrations are done by Academy of Fine Arts of Florence graduate Anita Barghigiani.

Tour starts October 15, on Release Day!

Publisher: Reycraft Books


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