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Coming Soon: Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is expanding

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is a blog that reviews books for all authors of all and any genres. Amy Shannon is the sole proprietor of Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews. Amy is also co-host of the podcast The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon.

The podcast is currently in its fifth season or as it’s referred to, Chapter 5. Each chapter has 13 episodes. Recently, the podcast added a new segment called Write to Reel. This segment occurs on the last on air Friday of the month. The segment consists of reading a book and watching its adaptation on the reel (Television, movies, miniseries, or any streaming show or movie on sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.). With this segment, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is expanding by adding Amy's Reel Reviews. This expansion just means that if a book has an adaptation on a “reel”, there will be a review of the book and there will be a review of the reel.

This expansion will start at the beginning of chapter 6 of The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews Will post the book review on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews blog and other sites as would normally be done. Amy's Reel Reviews will be accessed on The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon website at Https://

Amy's Reel Reviews will post the reviews of the “Reel” and also other sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. In some cases if there was more than one reel for a book other related reels will also be reviewed. Both sites reviews will link to the other one.

Amy's Reel Reviews will not only post reviews of books and reels that were discussed on our segment right to real, but of other books that have adaptations, some current and some from the past. The rating system of Amy’s Reel Reviews will consist of 1 to 5 reels, with five being the best.

Once this goes live in season 6, there will also be information and forms added to Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews in case any of the review requests also have an adaptation of a real.

Note: The podcast The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon airs most Fridays at 6:30 PM Eastern. (The complete schedule for the current chapter/season is listed on the website.) Archived shows can also be listened to, if you are new to the podcast. The podcast also is always looking for guests from the literary (and now, entertainment world). More information about the podcast can be found on our website.


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