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  • Amy Shannon

March 2020 will be Indie Poet Appreciation Month.

Nominate your favorite Indie Poet to be showcased in March of 2020. Nominations will be available February 1 to February 15. I will accept the first 30 poets (non-duplicates) nominated. One nomination per nominator. Poets may NOT nominate themselves.

This year, nominators have two ways they can nominate a poet. One, by going to the showcase nomination page on my blog and

fill out a form.

or send an email to and write "Indie Poet Appreciation" in the subject line. In the body of the message, write the author's name, name of the poetry book/magazine (or where the poem was published) and the title of your favorite poem (only one) by the poet.

The term "poets" refer to writers who write prose or poems, any type, and can include Epic poems and even lyrics, as well.

The eligibility? The poet has to have written at least ONE poem and it had to be published in either a book or magazine (e-zines are acceptable). This does NOT mean that the author posted his/her poem on social media or his/her own website. Poets do not have to publish exclusively poetry (many authors publish both novels and poems).


There will be two showcases per poet. One will showcase the poet's publication. One will showcase the poet.

Also, if you nominate a poet and you have their contact information, please include that as well. Even if you just have a website or social media site where I can contact them about their nomination.

Nominations can only be done between February 1 to February 15. 

All nominators and nominees will be eligible to claim a FREE copy of my poetry book "Tattered Words" details will be in thank you email.

Also, to celebrate Indie Poets, I am releasing my latest book of poetry and prose, "All of My Yesterdays" will be released on March 3, 2020, and is currently available for preorder at



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