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Yes, it's another post on Banned Books

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews not only has added a new bookshelf to Amy's Library, (Banned Books Bookshelf), near that shelf is an icon created by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews and a donation button. This donation button is specific to aid the purchasing of banned books by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. The ones I have on my list, I have purchased myself.

Also, a note to authors, that me reading and reviewing your books will not be affected by this addition, as many times I read books at the same time to try and do my best to meet demand.

This blog, and my other blog, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, will be posting about banned books, and the history of burning, banning and challenging books.

On Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, there is a new page called "Banned Books" where I have listed (after a bunch of research) a list of banned, burned and challenged books ( ). I'm sure not all books that are banned are on the list, but this has been happening for centuries. Doing the research and finding out all this information, made me wonder why a lot of the books were on the list at all. I believe that some may be banned from schools, due to appropriatness for children, but some books are written for children, so they can deal with certain situiations or feel belonging because their family or they, themselves, may be "different."

Any way, if you know of a book that is banned and it's not on the list, let me know. If you, yourself had a book banned for whatever reason, let me know. I'd like to read it. If you own a banned book, and would like to donate your copy (or let me "borrow" it from Kindle, let me know). Anyone who donates for this cause (and yes, I'd like to think it is a cause, because it's censorship; It's people trying to dictate what I can and can't read.) You can get a copy of an image I created called "I read banned books" I created one specific for Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, and for anyone who donates. This badge will also be on my other blog, linked to the banned book page on my Amy's Bookshelf Reviews blog.

I've always been able to read what I wanted, and hated when I heard stories of book burning (except when in the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, they burned tax books in order to stay warm). As a writer and a reader, I don't want others to dictate what I can and can't write or read.

I am also going to design some graphics for the Amy's Bookshelf Reviews swag products.

Thank you.

Amy Shannon

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