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Amy's Bookshelf Reviews New Website

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has a new site, and it is live.

Not only that, but Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has merged with Amy's True Crime Penned & Portrayed Reviews (formerly Amy's Reel True Crime Reviews) and the Banned, Burned, Challenged and Controversial books, that will be reviewed.

I hope you like the new site, and while it is now live, and reviews will start being published on this site tomorrow. There are things that might still need to be transitioned over, but the basic website and its purpose is done, and will be live.

However, not all things will be moved over. Reviews that are already posted on the old site, will remain there, but if you want your reviews transitioned over to this site as well, then it's $10 per review.

Another change is that there are donations accepted, as always, but the bookshelves options and promotions options (now all on one page), will use invoicing via PayPal invoicing. Only actual donations will be accepted as donations. However, as always, reviews can't be bought.

Thank you,

Amy C. Shannon


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