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Announcement from Amy Shannon

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is getting its own website soon. The old website will still be up and running to keep the reviews where they are on that site. Nothing will change until the transition is completed.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has merged with Genesis Literary Promotions (now called Genesis Book Promotions), and the new website will include Author Promotions (all on one page for ease of use), and also being added is Amy's Reel True Crime Reviews, which will be called Amy's True Crime Print & Reelz Reviews. Another merge is bringing Amy's Banned, Burned and Challenged books to have its own place on the new website.

Some of the pages will disappear, but the Bulletin Board, Top 10 Books, and Top 20 Authors, charitable books, will still exist, as well as the Book of the Month, and of course, Amy's Library and the Request and Policies page (now called Requests and Rules).

So, that was for Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, and the related subsidiaries. Also, The Official Blog of Amy Shannon, will currently remain the same, as well as Amy Shannon's website about her books.

In relation to Essence Enterprises, its subsidiary Essence Publishing is adding two new imprints to its publishing. Currently, Essence Publishing handles the publishing of Amy's books, but starting in November, and December, respectively, the imprint called Valkyrie is a hybrid publishing company, that will publish work for other authors, and the other imprint is called Essential Lives, which is an anthology publishing company, where authors contribute without compensation, and share their stories based on the topics, and all stories must be true. There will be an announcement on that shortly.

More details, and if you're interested, is at



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