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Announcement about Amy's Bookshelf Reviews website

In the next few weeks, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews website will be moving to its own domain. The success of this review site, has made me decide to move it to its own domain, and update the website. It will be

and it is under construction, but I will be moving what I can over, and making it look more professional and the blog will start from scratch with the next first review when it goes live. I will be keeping two pages of the current Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, which will be the landing page directing people to the new page, and also the current blog and its reviews. I won't be moving the blog over, and you all have your links that you do not need to be "dead links." However, authors will have the option for their reviews to be moved to the new site, at $10 per book review.

When the page goes live, you will know it. I will make blog notifications on the old and new blog, and I will also have the same social media accounts and make the announcement there.

The work on this will not affect the reviews that I will still be posting.

Thank you for your patience.

​Amy's Bookshelf Reviews


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