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Authors, when your book review is posted, I always send an email to inform you that it has been posted. I have changed the format so you receive a small email with a link to a video, and then there is a PDF letter attached, personalized for you. It gives you a list of where your book review was posted, a copy of the review, and maybe it tells you about being on a Special List of Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

Now, the letter has changed slightly, instead of giving you a mountain of information about other services that I do, it gives you a link to the Essence Enterprises/Amy Shannon portfolio, where you can see all my services, links, and social media information for each.

At the end of the letter, instead of a long list of information, there is just my final signature. Under the signature, which is a lot shorter now, there are the direct links to where the reviews are posted.

Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews website, and YouTube Video Review. If your book's review is posted on these sites, then the link is there. Sometimes Amazon doesn't post it right away, so if there isn't a link, as soon as it's posted (they send me a notice), I will email you with the direct link.

I hope this helps you all.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews


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