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Got BookBub?

Authors, do you have a BookBub author profile? Are all your books listed there? If you have one, but Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has not posted the reviews of your books on your account, let me know. (If you had one before Amy's Bookshelf Reviews got an account, and I posted the reviews as Amy Shannon, I can't repost the same review).

A BookBub account is free. You list your books, you follow authors, and you can also write reviews for your favorite authors. BookBub does have other promotions, and there is a range of promotions for BookBub, but just having an author account, or a regular account (such as Amy's Bookshelf Reviews for reviews) is free.

If you have an account, and I know about it, I post my review there as well. If one of your books is missing from the list, and I notice it, I report it to BookBub, so it can be listed.

If you send me your BookBub account (through email, writing BookBub in the subject), also please follow my two Accounts, (Amy's Bookshelf Reviews) and my author account at

And whatever reviews I haven't yet posted, if I already have posted them elsewhere, I will post on you profile.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews


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