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Sarah Dale- Something Fatal: The Sixth Tale of the Zodiac Cusp Kids

Sarah Dale- Something Fatal: The Sixth Tale of the Zodiac Cusp Kids

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal

4 Stars

A Great Read

What a great story in Something Fatal by Sarah Dale. It's the sixth book of the Tales of the Zodiac Cusp Kids, and what a great story. I read the ones that came before it, and enjoyed them. This is an very interesting story and it's focused on Angie, but there is still David and Jenny, right there to help her. There is another mystery, and it's very serious. I really liked these "kids" and their stories. It is sad to see that this may be the end of the series, but I enjoyed each of them. Dale writes so well, and shares these stories, magical and fantasy. This author brings the story to life. The characters had a lot of depth, and were very realistic. This author has a great imagination and I'm glad it's being shared with stories. The story brings in the believable, even if almost impossible. It is always an honor to read this author's books. This author is a great storyteller. I hope to read more books by this author. Something Fatal is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I read this book to give my unbiased and honest review. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews recommends that anyone who reads this book, to also write a review.


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