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New Release: Life's Resurrection

The latest book in the revamped, rebranded MOD Life Epic Saga, volume 13, is being released on December 7th.

The MOD Life Epic Saga is a saga of stories based upon the interesting and unique lives of the residents of the fictional town, Sars Springs, Arizona.

The first book in the saga is Unwritten Life, and continues from there. The first 12 volumes are for sale on both Amazon.com and Smashwords, in both eBook and print books.

The stories are written so they essentially could be stand alone stories, however, they are best read in order.

About Life's Resurrection

Dr. Raina Markum has always had the undeniable powers of not only feeling the dead, but raising the dead. She never thought, though, in a million years, that this one person would rise again and be part of her life again.

As she learns about the history, more and more secrets get revealed. She tries to hid her secret from her family, as she is determined to make amends for her mistakes of the past. Will her family ever be the same? When more faces from the past come to surface, will she be around to help them through it, or will she finally break down before she gets the chance?

Find your copy live on December 7th.

Previous books in the series and their release dates:

1 Unwritten Life 5/16/18 2 Rewritten Life 5/21/18 3 Unwritten Life's Paths to Destiny 5/22/18 4 Written Life's Past Meets Present 5/23/18 5 Life's Written Past 5/24/18 6 Life's Unwritten Future 5/25/18 7 Another Written Life 5/26/18 8 Life … Rewritten 5/27/18 9 Unwritten Life & Death 5/28/18 10 Life's Healer 11/5/18 11 Life's Hindering Hope 3/4/19 12 Life's Binding Ties 6/3/19

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