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Pam Webber's Life Dust

About Pam Webber:

Pam Webber is the best-selling author of The Wiregrass and Moon Water. These award-winning novels were selected as Editor’s Choice by the Historical Novel Society (HNS) and Read of the Month by the Southern Literary Review. To date, her third novel, Life Dust, has earned five-star reviews from the Historical Novel Society and Pam is a family nurse practitioner in internal medicine, an avid traveler, and nature lover. She and her husband, Jeff, live and work in Winchester, Virginia.

Life Dust

Book Genre: Historical Fiction

About Life Dust

Nettie and Andy have been soul mates since childhood. While planning their wedding, Andy receives orders from the Army to deploy immediately to South Vietnam for a year.

Anxious about Andy’s safety, Nettie dives into her work as a nursing intern in the hospital emergency room. When she inadvertently walks in on a nursing supervisor and surgeon during a late-night tryst, the vengeful lovers initiate a campaign to end her career before it starts. Nettie’s only respite is an elderly patient who has everything money can buy—except the one thing he wants.

In Southeast Asia, Andy is leading a long-range reconnaissance squad in an unforgiving jungle when he receives orders to escort a high-ranking female freedom fighter, Bien, to a clandestine meeting with an enemy officer who wants to defect. Previously raped, beaten, and left for dead by North Vietnamese soldiers, Bien is suspicious of the enemy officer’s motives, but she also thinks he may be the younger brother her attackers conscripted into their army as a child. Andy, meanwhile, believes his unit is walking into a trap that could cost them everything.

Struggling to survive in different worlds, Nettie and Andy navigate the best and worst of human nature as they try to find their way back to each other.

Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist

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