Authors, do you market your brand?

July 28, 2019

I know my brand, and always promote current, and past works, and try to engage others.


As authors, no matter the type of authors, traditional, Indie publishers, or Self-Publishers, need to promote their work, their titles, their writing. However, some authors do not think about promoting themselves, just the work.


Book promotion and marketing is only part of what the author should do. The other part is to market themselves as writers/authors. If the author uses a penname, that penname is their brand. They should have at least some social media page, and maybe a website. The authors who use their own name on their book covers, also need to promote themselves, their brand. Authors do not need to release a real photograph of themselves, but something, some icon or image that shows the brand, and can be used on different social media platforms.


There are simple and (yes, free) ways to start to create the brand, but sometimes authors do not always know where their brand has strengths and where it has weaknesses. I offer services that not only help authors promote their work or themselves, but I also do a social media review. (See promotions page for more details).


When an author publishes more than one book, the author will focus on promoting their upcoming release or currently released book. But what happens to the books published in the past? Do they get less attention for promotion or maybe none? As the author gains readers, especially with their new or upcoming book, they should remind the readers that they also have other books out there. Especially if the books aren't part of a series. 


Sometimes authors need to promote their brand, and when a reader sees that brand, they want to learn more about the author's current and past works, and maybe that reader will turn into a fan, and want to read whatever the author writes.




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